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MT Manager is a resourceful app that helps you handle the files and applications on your Android mobile. It allows you a series of functions such as copying, renaming, moving, editing, resource editing of APK files, etc. This is an all-in-one toolbox for the maintenance of your device so that it operates the way that you want. You will be surprised to see the extent of customization that MT Manager can permit you.

There are many attractive features in MT Manager that have made it extraordinary among other file managers throughout the world. Currently, there are over 50 Million downloads of this app in total. 

mt manager features

MT Manager Features

Simple User Interface

MT Manager has a very simple user interface. Given the advanced functions that it allows you to perform, its interface is supposed to be very complicated. But surprisingly, the UI of MT Manager is one of the easiest to deal with which you can find. It makes all the hard work simple. The buttons and functions are very clear, and you will definitely find instructions to guide you through your first navigations to each part. The help desk is always available so that you can search your problem and get answers.

File Manager

File managing tools like move, copy, paste, delete, rename, search, etc. are available in MT manager. If you want to search for a file, you can use the search bar to type in the keywords. There will be many filters which you can apply for your search as well such as file type, specify location and so on. The results displayed will be easily readable and contain all the details including dates created and file sizes. MT Manager file managing features are very simple and any one can figure out what is happening immediately. 

APK Manager

Apart from the ability to manage your files, you also get the ability to manage your applications. This is by accessing their APK files and using MT Manager tools to deal with them. If you do not have the APK file of a certain app, you can even extract the APK file of it. You can view all the details about that app and try another function on it. For example, if you decide that the app is not in use after checking the details, you can uninstall it if you want straight through the MT Manager. If not, you can move them to a different location, sort them out, force stop them, or even update if they are out of date. Still, it is important that you understand what you are doing at this stage. Because, if not, you might lose your data related to the app. 

MT Manager Backup

MT Manager allows you to take backups of your files as well as your apps. This is a very safe thing to do if you are about to try some unfamiliar operations with the app. Backing up ensures that you will not lose any data that is important and also makes the app data secure on the other hand. MT manager allows you to backup what you want to where you want. You can either transfer the files to an external device or the cloud. This is a repeatable operation and also can give frequency for automatic backups.

Resource Editing

This is a quite advanced tool in MT manager and it is advisable to handle this only if you have an app developing knowledge. This app allows you to edit resources, or the building blocks, of an app. These include images, codes, audio files, text, etc. You can make many changes to them such as trimming, changing, deleting, adding, copying and the like. Remember that each change you make is going to affect the performance of your app. This makes your applications flexible as per your will. You will be in complete control of the apps on your device. 

Patching and Modification

Patching and modifying are two operations that you can perform on APK files. This could affect the app settings, language, color changes, locking and unlocking, etc. Though this is a task meant only for the experts in the subject, Mt Manager has made it really easy for everyone. But make sure that your app remains unharmed so that you do not lose the functions that you need to remain the same. You can ensure this by regularly opening the app and checking it with each and every patching and modification that you do to it. 

Scripting Support

MT Manager provides you Scripting support so that you can make extensive customizations on your apps. For example, you can automate tasks which otherwise will need to be done manually, change app settings and unlock new levels. Scripting too can affect your app performance indirectly. Therefore, keep tabs on its working while you perform scripting. On the plus side, you can enhance app functioning with scripting too.

MT Manager Root Explorer

Root Explorer is what MT Manager uses to handle rooted devices. By having full access to your Android system, MT Manager can change each app and settings starting from their very core. This feature is very useful to the professional developers. To work with this you should have a pretty good knowledge about both your Android system, device and the applications. This will make sure that you get only the results that you seek for.

Archive Manager

If you want to compress archive files, MT Manager can perform those operations for you as well. Vice versa, it allows you to extract files from archived or compressed folders too. MT Manager supports a number of such file formats like 7Z, RAR, ZIP, TAR, etc. You can actually find more archive tools under this. Those will help you secure files with passwords, hide them, etc.

New Files and Folders

You can straightaway create new files and folders through MT Manager. When you browse through the folders and are sorting the files, you may have to get new locations. So, you can create locations, rename them and fill them with related files easily. 

MT Manager Built-in Media Player

This feature is important because it enables you to find out what action to perform on a media file. MT Manager’s built-in media player saves you the effort of opening another app to play what you have in hand.

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