How To Use MT Manager

MT Manager Apk is a file manager for Android devices that can perform some exclusive functions compared to other similar apps. Because of its features, MT Manager Apk has become one of the most downloaded file managers across the world. 

It allows some basic organizing functions like copying, moving, and deleting together with other advanced APK modifying tools too. If you know how to use the app wisely, you can do amazing changes on your device with it.

how to use mt manager apk

How to Use MT Manager?

Downloading and Installing

First of all, you need to download from the MT Manager APK official website and install it on your device. This will require some app permissions from your device and an internet connection. After you have successfully installed MT Manager Apk on your device, it will automatically open. Then you can create a user account in it, by giving your name, email, username, and password. Once you are done, you can start exploring.

Get used to the MT Manager APK UI

mt manager ui

When you first launch MT Manager Apk, the first thing you will see is the file manager interface. This must be familiar too. As any other file manager, MT Manager Apk contains all the functions to deal with your files. You can search for files using the search bar at the top by typing keywords of what you are looking for. When you get the list of results you can check the details of each of those files in order to find exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, you can also specify the location to search, thus narrowing the results. 

Navigation Through the Device Storage

navigation through device storage

So, starting from selecting among the internal memory and the SD card, you can open folder by folder, come out of each, and explore the files that already exist. You can even open these files and check what each of them are. For example, if those are media files, you still can open them from the MT manager Apk itself, instead of opening those in another app. So, if you are not sure of what you are looking at, try checking the true content of the file this way. 

MT Manager APK File Operations

file operations

These are the basic operations that you can perform on any file to sort out your device. Tap and hold on the considered file and this operations list will appear on your screen. There will be functions like move, copy, rename, delete, share, open and open with. You can choose any and change its existence. If you are trying to move the file, give the destination immediately, if you want to delete it, the device will ask you for another confirmation. This way, you can perform the fundamental operations on your files and organize them within the device.

Text Editing

mt manager text editor

MT Manager Apk allows you to edit text files without using other apps for that. SO you can straightaway open the text files and edit them then and there within the app. Later on, you also can save it by the same name or another name as you wish.

Rooting and System Access

root directory

By rooting MT Manager to your device you can make changes to the system files of your device. You should have considerable knowledge if you intend to continue with this function. 

When you root the app, MT Manager Apk gets access to System Partition. Thereby, the MT manager can change system configurations, system files, and even the operating system. It can also tweak the system settings and change the default characteristics of your device. By misusing this or due to lack of knowledge, you could cause damage to your device. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have a professional with you at the time.


mt manager appearance customization

MT Manager Apk can be customized to considerable extents in all aspects. You can go to the app settings for this and find means to change the theme, sounds, interface mode, etc. from there. You also can change the language of the MT Manager Apk, though this is asked of you at your first launch of the app. 

Backup and Restore

apk backup

MT Manager Apk allows you to take backups of your files, system files, and apps. To do this, first open the app and select the file you want to backup. You can select the APK files of the apps that you need with you and even system files. Now tap and hold the screen on a selected file. You will see the “Backup” option appear there. Just, tap on it and the Manager will ask you for a destination. You can either give your external memory (SD card), external storage such as a pen drive or external hard disk, or even the cloud. You must have an internet connection to upload the files to the cloud. Once the destination is set, the MT manager will start the backup process. Now you need to wait for its completion to start another task on it. 

Thereafter, if you think you need a factory reset, you can perform it without any issue. If you have a rooted device, you can do this using the MT manager Apk itself. When you need to get the backed-up data back, you should restore them by reaching the proper destination and giving the restore command to your device.

MT Manager APK Plugins

plugin manager

MT Manager Apk supports plugins that help extend its smooth functionality. You can download and install plugins from within the app to add extra features. Some such examples are FTP support, APK management, etc.

Patching and Modifying APK files

Patching and modifying APK files can change your apps. MT manager Apk uses tools like Apktool and jadx to decompile the APK first. Then you can use its built-in text editor to change the codes and resources that the app was made up with. When the necessary edits are completed, you can recompile the APK file, Sign the APK, and then test your modifications by reinstalling the app with the new APK file. Hereby you can find out whether your changes worked correctly or not.

In summary, MT Manager Apk is very powerful and you can do amazing things with it. But make sure you follow the proper instructions and use the app wisely. This will save you from losing any data or even your device itself. This is a good way for the learners to explore their skills and try new things too. So make sure you get the app and be free with your device.

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