MT Manager APK v2.15.2 Free Download | Latest Version [23MB]

MT Manager APK is a collection of file-handling tools that help manage the files, applications, and settings on your Android device. These tools cover a range from simple ones such as move, copy, and delete to advanced ones such as modify, patch, extract, etc.

mt manager apk
App NameMT Manager
Latest Versionv2.15.2
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

It is correct to call it an all-in-one file management app for your device. MT Manager APK requires only a small space on your device storage and is highly compatible with almost all the Android versions available now.

You will find your device easier to control and able to perform functions that you did not have the skill to do earlier. MT Manager APK can make you feel safe and confident with your device and it has many benefits and features that draw the interest of any Android user.

What is MT Manager APK?

This powerful file-managing toolkit is easy to download and use. Some details of the app are as follows:

The basic functions that you can do with MT Manager APK include file management, APK management, resource editing, patching, modification, scripting support, root explorer, APK editing, APK management, etc.

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MT Manager APK Features

MT Manager APK consists of a number of features that help you take full control of the device. These features are as follows:

File Management

MT Manager APK allows you to perform the basic operations on your files like copying, cut-pasting, deleting, etc. You can browse through the full device storage in one go and organize your files then and there. You will find these activities simpler than the way you have already practiced them. If you use keywords and search, you can specify which locations to look at. Here are many filters to apply in the search as well.

APK Management

APK management is something quite advanced but made easy in MT Manager. Here, you will be able to extract the APK file of your installed applications, evaluate their details, identify their necessity, and uninstall them if not needed. Moreover, you can keep backups of certain apps as per your requirements. You should handle APK Management wisely. You could lose app information if you delete the wrong app. Therefore make sure that you perform these actions thoughtfully. Thereafter, you can organize those APK files as well and sort them into different locations.

Resource Editing

This feature is a professional tool and makes MT Manager unique among the other File Managers. Resource editing is where you get the ability to change the APK content. The images, audio, codes, text, and all of the constituents can be edited by the MT manager APK. But you should have an idea of what you are doing because these changes are going to affect your app performance. So if you make the wrong changes, your app will be corrupted. However, if you have the skill to professionally handle this APK resource editing, you can do amazing things with any Android application that exists. This could remove all the limits present in apps.

Patching and Modification

You get the chance to patch and modify the existing APK files with MT Manager APK. By doing so, you can change the app settings such as pop-up advertisements, redirecting, language, themes, unlocking, etc. The better news is that these complex tasks can be done with easy steps that anybody can deal with without any problem. So, even if you do not have the basic knowledge to patch and modify APK files, MT Manager makes it possible for you.

Scripting Support

Scripting helps you improve the app’s functioning. MT Manager APK has scripting functions that you can use to customize the app, allow the repetitive tasks to run automatically, and make the app easier to use this way. Scripting makes the app more flexible and you can make adjustments that pleases you the most. It has no bounds, and all the apps will be under your control rather than its developers’ control. Anyway, if you are a developer yourself, MT Manager APK will make your tasks really effortless.

MT Manager Apk – Root Explorer

Root Explorer is what MT Manager uses to handle rooted devices. By having full access to your Android system, MT Manager APK can change each app and settings starting from its very core. This feature is very useful to the professional developers. To work with this you should have pretty good knowledge about both your Android system, device, and the applications. This will make sure that you get only the results that you seek.

Archive Management

You can perform both archiving and extracting functions with the MT manager APK. It supports many archive file formats including RAR, ZIP, TAR, 7Z, etc. There are additional archive operations enabled in this mode too, like password protection and Hide/Unhide to ensure extra protection.

Create New Files and Folders

This function is something that all Android users are familiar with. Besides, this is one of the very basic ones which is very easy but also important. Creating new files plays a key role in file organizing. To sort files avoid the mess and keep your memory clean of junk, you will find this tool highly effective.

Built-in Media Player

You need not close the MT manager APK and move to another to play or view media files. There is a built-in Media Player in MT Manager which allows you to open and play any file even while you scroll through them. This is another feature of its user-friendly nature.

MT Manager APK – Customization

With MT Manager APK, your customization capability becomes limitless. You literally can dive into the core of any app and change its settings from A to Z. In other words, you can personalize a particular application from its theme, background, language, appearance, location, and many other settings.

MT Manager APK Download and Install

How to Install for Android

  1. First, open your Android browser and visit this website and scroll down until you find the button “Download APK”. Then tap on it.
  2. You will have to go to your device settings to the “Allow Unknown Sources” option to proceed with this download.
  3. Now check whether you have the downloaded APK file in your Download Folder. Tap on the downloaded file and install it.
  4. The installation process usually takes a short time. When completed, the app will automatically open.
  5. You will then find a few messages requesting permissions from your device, like access to files, media, etc. These are needed for the MT Manager APK to work properly. Therefore, you have allowed them from your device settings again.
  6. Now the installation will be completed and you will be able to open MT Manager without any problem.
  7. Go look for it on your Home screen and open the app by tapping on the new icon.

How to Install from the Google Play Store

MT Manager APK is not yet available in the Google Play Store. So you will have to download the app from this website.

How to Use MT Manager APK?

To use the MT Manager APK correctly, here are a set of guidelines to follow:

  1. When you have successfully installed this tool on your Android device, launch it.
  2. Create an account by giving only your basic information. This will help you log into your account and refer to the tasks that you carried out. This will make your navigation easier as well.
  3. Once you open it, you will be able to find the File Management tab. Go to it and start searching for the file you need. Make sure you specify the location and apply other filters to sort your results accordingly. This will help you get closer results to your search. By finding the file, you can perform basic operations like copying, moving, deleting, and renaming from there to any file.
  4. Similarly, you can easily create a new folder, rename it, relocate it, and move files to it if you want using MT Manager Apk.
  5. You also have access to the full details of each application installed such as its updates, permissions, storage, location, and so on. 
  6. Now you can try APK Management. You first have to select an APK that you need to view. Then go through its constituents and check its usage. After deciding what to do, you can update, uninstall, extract, or force-stop the application from this APK file.
  7. Furthermore, if you are skilled enough to edit resources in APK files, you can open an APK file, access its resources, and edit them to customize the relevant app. 

Safety and Legality

MT Manager APK is a safe app to download and use. It has proven its degree of safety in the reputed test communities. There are no threats of malware or virus attacks that can harm your device or compromise your personal information in this app. 

This is also a legal application because it has its Security Policies presented to you at your first launch. There are no location restrictions for the app reported so far. There are over 50 Million downloads of MT Manager APK all over the world now. So, it is both a safe and legal app that you can use without any doubt.

Pros and Cons


  • MT Manager APK possesses a highly user-friendly interface. You do not need training or expert knowledge to handle it.
  • A broad range of file-managing tools is available.
  • Highly customizable options for both files and applications.
  • Can take a Backup of the apps and full storage.
  • Task manager is available to help you control apps when they are not running properly.


  • Since the app provides you access to sensitive information, there could be misuse of the app. Some developers try to change apps and other characteristics of them.
  • MT Manager APK is not available in the Google Play Store. You have to get it from the APK file download.
  • If downloaded from sources that are not trustworthy, they could be security risks to the device as well as your personal information.
  • MT Manager does not provide efficient community support. If a user faces any problem with the app, he/she will be stuck for a while until the community responds. This time is highly uncertain.


Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet to use MT Manager?

A: No, you don’t. MT Manager does not require the connection to function. Once you download it, its functions can be handled offline. However, when you are performing online activities such as Backing up to the cloud, downloading from the cloud, updating applications, etc. you should be online.

Q: Is MT Manager available for free?

A: Yes, it is. You can download and install MT Manager APK completely free of charge. Then there are some features which you need to purchase only if you need them. These add-ons are within the app itself to pay and activate. But, the basic features do not need any payment.

Q: Do I need to give Root access to the device?

A: Not necessarily. MT Manager APK can run without root permissions. But for functions such as root explorer, you need to root the manager. This is anyway a professional thing to do. Rooting is not always necessary to perform standard file managing and APK managing.

Final Words

Having explained the importance and benefits that MT Manager APK can bring to Android users, it should be clear that having this app is a wise choice. The trouble that the apps and files used to cause you will all be wiped out by this all-in-one toolkit.

This tool makes the advanced functions performed by only professionals to be carried out by anybody. So, whatever your knowledge level is, this is your effort savior. 

MT Manager APK is also safe and is already used by a large percentage of Android users all over the world. Therefore, you can simply try it out without any hesitation and explore the unlimited control that you can have on your device.